Plasweld Engineering Sdn. Bhd. will design, fabricate, deliver to site, erect and commission the chemical tank, piping, chemical fume extraction system to meet your specifications and requirements. Materials of contruction in PP / HDPE / PVC / PVDF / FRP / Stainless Steel / Mild Steel etc.
We fabricate your requirements:
Scrubbing Vessels
Fume Hoods
Fume Cabinets
Plastic and Fibreglass Tanks/Containers - Fabricated or Lined
Plastic fabrication from
Polypropylene (PP)
High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Fibreglass (FRP)
Engineering Plastic :: Industrial Fibreglass :: Mild Steel :: Stainless Steel Works :: Exhaust Fume Ducting
Integrated Hoods :: Scrubber System :: Chemical Tank and Piping :: Electro Plating Equipment
Tank and Floor Lining :: Barrel, Fume Cupboard, Tumbler:: Machine Assembly:: Lathe and Milling Works
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